Energy Certificates

Our company undertakes the issuance of energy performance certificates (PEA) in buildings of all uses (residential or business premises). According to recent legislation, the energy certificate becomes necessary for every rental or sale of a building or part thereof. It is additionally required for the inclusion of spaces in the Home Savings program. Its validity is 10 years, as long as no changes are made to the property in question.

The Energy Performance Certificate (P.E.A.) is a recognized by the Y.P.E.K.A. document, in which the energy performance of each building is recorded. Its issuance is now necessary for each building (according to Law 3661/2008 and the K.Y.A. approval of the K.EN.AK.) by the 1-1-2016 in every sale and lease. Its validity is ten years.

Our company has certified energy inspectors and undertakes the issuance of P.E.A. that includes:

  • The collection of all the necessary supporting documents such as the building permit, the site plan, the property contract, etc.
  • The on-site autopsy of the property and the recording of all the elements required such as the thermal insulation of the building,
  • The publication of the P.E.A. through the special software of the Y.P.E.K.A. and the energy classification of the building

Our company undertakes the issuance of the Energy Certificate of your property by: €1 / sq.m. 

Documents for the issuance of an energy certificate:

  • Property contract (latest)
  • Building permit, if the permit is after 1983
  • Arbitrary space arrangement declaration, if any
  • Boiler Maintenance Sheet, if available
  • National land register code number (K.A.E.K) or land register declaration and property code number, if the property belongs to an area included in the Land Register
  • Site plan, if available.

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