The company ΑΞΙΟΝ ΤΕΧΝΙΚΗ Α.Ε was founded in 2002 by Mr. Arvanitis Dimitrios of Vassilios and Mrs. Ioannidou Alexandra of Savvas after a continuous and successful course in the field of construction works of all the following categories such as construction, plumbing, road construction, industrial, energy, electrical, electrical and port.

In the private sector, our company has completed a number of different constructions. The construction of houses, office buildings or industrial premises as well as the renovation/reconstruction of shops and other business premises are just some categories of projects that our company has undertaken and successfully completed.

AXION offers its services for new and preserved buildings, bridges and general infrastructure and transport constructions, industries, power plants, pipelines and aqueducts, port facilities and coastal constructions.

The company designs and implements technological solutions on a case-by-case basis, within the client's schedule and budget.

The company's goal is to expand its activities, to maintain its excellent professional reputation and reliability and to continuously improve the services provided.

Committed to our success, the satisfaction of our customers and our people, and respecting our values and heritage, we seek to:

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